We Love You

Taking over Terra Bots has not been easy, the new team has been learning over the road how to manage and take care of a project like this one. Despite all the challenges we have faced so far, we do have fun and love what we are building.


Any of the things we have done, are doing, or are being planned for the future would not be possible without the love the following projects have shown to us.

For this reason, we wanted to show our love and admiration by saying THANK YOU! to each one of you:

Knowhere Art – Thank you for migrating all our Terra Bots to Terra 2.0

Astro Heroes – We wouldn’t have a new home if it weren’t for you, thank you 3000!

Hero NFT – We are family, and we are grateful to have you guys sharing all your knowledge and experience to help us grow, we love you!

Skelly Punks – You are the living example of what a community can achieve when taking over a project, a true inspiration, thank you!

Y-Foundry DAO – You knocked on our door and man we’re so excited you did. This partnership is definitely going to be HUGE…Thank you!

And obviously to the founders, for all their help during this transition, we know how hard it was for you, thank you!

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  1. the greatest talent of Web3 teaming up with the best projects, with the great Saito at the helm of the mother ship, it is obvious that this is about to take off 🚀 congratulations to all of you who are making it possible


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